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WFWR: Imperial Alliance Military by Xanthoc WFWR: Imperial Alliance Military by Xanthoc
One military uniform from the world We Few Who Remain, my current ongoing sci-fi setting (also called the Remain-verse).

The Imperial Alliance of Sovereigns was formed after the First Outbreak concluded, mostly in resistance to the growing Proletariat Confederation. Found almost entirely within the Qulem Pocket (a section of star systems whose initial isolation during earlier years of Human expansion made it a haven for more independent colonial ventures), the once libertine societies of the area had since fallen into despotism and eventually absolutism, the weak colonial governments--who had earned autonomy from the Confederation of All Humanity through rather effective border skirmishes--quickly toppled after the Bleeder Plague was set to nearly eradicate mankind. As the years past, new languages and dialects formed across the new planetary governments, which soon became system governments. Despite their increasing differences, the leaders of what became the Alliance all agreed that that the 'assimilation' policies of the Proletariat Confederation would not do.

Signing what is known as the Contract of Perpetual Alliance and Cooperation, the the Imperial Alliance was born. Based (rather unknowingly) upon the Holy Roman Empire from the ancient, ancient histories of Earth, the Alliance is rather decentralized, with the military being composed of units voluntarily given by member systems. Of course, the constant threat of pirates, smugglers, gangs, and the Confederation assure that no one is pulling their portion, as doing so requires a tripling of 'membership tax' or the expulsion of the system from the Alliance.

Said military is run, surprisingly, with efficiency and a centralized structure. Every rank has 3 classes before promotion to the next rank, each being given more complex duties. The ranks are: Private, Corporal, Leftenant, Sarge, Officer, Captain, and Commander. Additionally, there are the three leadership ranks; Admiral for the Navy, General for the Army, and Marshal for the Aerory. Above each of these is a respective Lord of the Coalitioned (Naval/Armed/Aero) Forces who directly serve the Emperor of the Alliance, and who have no particular military dress. The exception is, of course, the Royal Guard and Covert Operations. The Royal Guard are both any non-heir children of rulers of member systems, overly zealous patriots, and often convicts (although they never serve with lords from their homesystem), and they all guard any Royalty and heirs of member systems, and act as the personal military of the current Imperial Family. Thus, they have no direct leaderships sans the monarch they are serving at the time. As for Covert Operations, they have an Admiral, a General, and a Marshal, directing the forces of CovOps when needed, although an agent in uniform is a rare occurrence, unless they are assigned as a Political Officer on vessels and bases, ensuring loyalty to the entire Alliance over individual systems.

The dress of the Alliance military is simple standard grey, accented with gold and the trademark teal of the Imperial Alliance. Rank is presented on the soldier's cap, which is to be worn at all times when on duty. The branch of a soldier is seen on the soldier's pauldron, which--in contrast to the buttons of the uniform--is held by snap buttons on the shoulder and pectoral. Additionally, a universal crest is used for lowborn soldiers (whose meaning has since been lost to history), a the family crest of each soldier's bloodline is used if they are of nobility. In honesty, both nobles and lowborns are equal in the military, but there is still a tradition of nobles picking a lowborn scutiger (squire), whom they progress ranks with at the same time, though the noble is always given the promotion first.

As a note, "voma Himielo ad die Mittrum" is Deuspano (German and Spanish with Latin as a base) for the Latin phrase "a caelo usque ad centrum" which means "from Heaven to the center", representing the unity of the Alliance from the highest lord to the lowest farmer. Though the Orienta-Indu dynasty of Guptaibai has ruled for over a century, and another Orienta-Indu family ruled before them, the majority of the Alliance's history was dictated by the founding Deuspano family of Vesterlana.
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October 19, 2015
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